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You know the items you have in your closet? Well, they might be worth more than you think!

Turns out many of us have valuable items in our closets that are never used or used rarely. These items could prove valuable to others and put money into their owners pockets. In today's society many people prefer to shop at consignment stores were they can maximize value while still garnering the quality they desire. According to NARTS The Association of Resale Professionals "Resale accounts for over 17 Billion dollars in annual sales". Resale is steady because it is an important resource for value conscious customers. Resale is also the "ultimate in recycling" which is very important to a lot of people. Customers may be surprised to find out they have hundreds of dollars worth of items they could easily sell to others through consignment. So go and look through your closet and bring items you no longer use or need to your local consignment shop.