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Fun Times At GFC - Event #1

"Bert The Spider" - Nina Poznekoff

January 29th | 11 am - 1 pm 

The first events in going to be in collaboration with Nina Poznekoff, the author of a series of inspirational books for children that, hopefully, teach children how to cope with any situation life should throw their way, like moving to a new home, making new friends, getting a new dad or a new baby brother. While writing a book in Mexico, the author came upon Bert, a spider, which is the main protagonist of the stories, minding his own business and just doing whatever it is a spider does. Nina had to make a decision to shriek every time she saw Bert or learn to co-exist; they co-existed, and the hilarious life of Bert took on a personality of his own. Nina's hope is that you will come to laugh at Bert and his antics as he learns to live in harmony with his humans and friends, putting their differences aside and caring for one another.
The reading is going to start at 11.30am with a Q&A afterwards and all "Bert The Spider" stories can be purchased during the event for $20 each, cash only, no tax.


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